Gaétan Lepage

Gaétan Lepage

Welcome to my personal web page !

⌨️ Software

Nixvim ❄️

Core maintainer
>1k stars on GitHub

A nix module to configure Neovim by leveraging nixpkgs.

Nixpkgs ❄️

I regularly contribute to nixpkgs, the nix package repository.
I mostly focus on the Python scientific ecosystem.

List of my contributions

CompFigSep 🐍

Deep learning based compound figure separator.

RobotLearn Cluster Monitor 🐍

Web app to visualize the state of our research computing cluster

RemI (Remote Inria) 🐍

Remote Inria is a tool I wrote for the researchers at Inria.
It eases the use of the clusters and other computing infrastructures.

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