Gaétan Lepage

Gaétan Lepage

Welcome to my personal web page !

🔬 Research projects

Deep RL for Human-Robots interactions (Inria Grenoble Alpes)

I am currently working within the Perception team from Inria Grenoble .
I am doing my PhD under the supervision of Xavier Alameda-Pineda , Laurent Girin and Chris Reinke .
My PhD project is part of the european SPRING project .

Learn more about the SPRING project in this 🎙️interview (French).

Compound Figure Separation (HES-SO Valais Wallis)

I worked under the supervision of Dr. Henning Müller and Dr. Manfredo Atzori (MedGIFT team) on a computer vision problem with medical applications. The task is part of the european ExaMode project .

My goal was to handle the segmentation of compound figures (figures involving multiple sub-figures) from medical publications. To achieve this, I investigated deep learning state of the art models and adapted them to this problem.

Supervisors: Dr. Henning Müller and Dr. Manfredo Atzori