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Gaétan Lepage

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Feedback on Lars' Rust course

Following Lars’ post on r/Rust about the Rust course proposed freely to FOSS devs, I decided to apply. Indeed, I have been interested by Rust for a few months but never really found a nice excuse to dive in. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so.

I was accepted on Sunday November 20 2022 session.

The session was fairly compact (2.5h) but gave me a good overview of the language. I feel like, given the duration, the topics to cover were chosen smartly. The explanation were clear and precise. Lars made sure that everyone felt free to ask questions and answered them as they were emitted. This made the session interactive which was very appreciated. Also, giving pointers such as links to useful resources was a smart idea that will surely help me to move on by myself.

By keeping this training concise, the assumed choice of not having hands on practice has been made. I understand this decision and this did not bother me. Of course I would be very interested in a follow-up tutorial with few exercises to try live.

I would like to end this comment by thanking Lars for this genuine proposition to the FOSS developers community. It was so great from him to offer some of his time to others by sharing his experience.